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Mechanics of deception and application of Hi-Tech tools

February 6, 2013

Not really into the sensationalism, but speculation is easy with this case. So very glad the little innocent one is safe.

GPR + EMP in use, for sure. Ground Penetrating radar, so they can see whats goin’ on…..And a localized Electromagnetic Pulse device/weapon. Afterward, a well-placed 60mm cannon shot through the ground will take care of him & likely create an acoustic concussion with the kid. Quite simple, given time. Money+Tech+Time=victory.

I like to think about these things, I’m insterested in the mechanics of how the piggies and feds do things. Authorities are always capable of noble acts, of course, but I still overall believe, without going in depth, that they are the enemy. I’d like to go further in depth about my beliefs and the data that backs it, but thas’ for another time.


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