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Breaking Belief

February 26, 2013

I’ve been putting into daily practice meeting pain with compassion…changing my relationship to greed, hatred, delusion…it makes so much more room for joy….more room to meet pain with compassion…


It Leaves room for non-attached appreciation, room for being connected to each other without clinging each other makes life easier- maybe even more pleasant.


If you think you need pleasant sights, sounds, smells, etc….you’re fucked at least half of the time….maybe more. Breaking that belief, you don’t have to suffer about the fact that a lot of the time it doesn’t sound ‘sound right’…’smell right’…’taste right’…’feel right’….

Breaking our addiction to everything being ‘pleasant’ and we learn to meet that ‘unpleasant’ with compassion, responding with mercy, forgiveness…THEN NOBODY CAN RUIN YOUR DAY. Ever again. EVERYTHING becomes an opportunity for practice: “Oh, my arm hurts…interesting….”

Off this merit out in all directions, share it…commit to your own awakening, be engaged in compassionate action, be part of a solution.


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