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March Theme: Mind/Body Connection & Thankfulness.

March 26, 2013

Wrapping up this month’s theme- Mind/Body connection and thankfulness:

Wearing my prayer/meditation beads as a reminder to be mindful and detached. I’m kinda’ visual and need reminding as my mind wanders into murky waters often from PTSD and other issues. I know others that have the same issues, so I hope you can relate. I am smiling a lot, intentionally. I am pausing before speaking. I am thankful for simply being, and not in immediate need. I am building myself so I can be strong enough to walk with others through their life and perceived struggles…and real struggles. I always hate it when conscious-types try to talk about “THE ACTUAL END OF SUFFERING!!!” —its ridiculous. Suffering exists- and its not going anywhere. Without going into a long explanation of that, I’d like to say that this month has been up and down, like many months. I need to see my way past it and try to level it off to a degree, because no ones life is that mundane, except prisoners. Prisoners of money and actual prisoners. 😀


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